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Hiking in Italy

Inspiring hikes and treks that are safe, fun and informative.
Get in touch with the authentic side of Italy for truly unforgettable memories; explore magical places off the beaten path, as well as surprising Urban hikes all year round.

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🏙🌱 Escape the crowds and discover the hidden nature gems right within the city of Rome on our Urban Hikes.

🌳🦌 Breathe fresh air and reconnect with nature on our Forest Friday hikes. 

⛰🐺 Explore the traces of ancient civilizations hidden away in the wilderness, hiking along volcanic lakes, secret waterfalls, and beautiful mountain peaks on our Wilderness Weekends. 

Good to know:
✅ Our guided tours respect the environment
✅ All Urban Hikes are close to Public Transport
✅ Reach many outdoor activities by train
✅ Organized by a professional hiking guide
✅ Guides are available in English and German
✅ I also offer private and team building tours



Italy is full of hidden lakes, raw and untouched mountains and volcanoes and so much more!

We take you to the habitat of incredible wildlife such as the Marsican brown bear and the Apennine wolf in our National Parks, and you can experience hiking trails that tell the story of humanity: who we are, where we came from, and where we are heading.

All our experiences are designed to be safe, fun, and informative. 

It’s a new way to learn everything about Italy through the lens of nature!

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Trekking and hiking in Italy is great, and with a professional outdoor guide you’ll even learn new, fun and surprising stories, legends and facts about the places we visit.

From Gods of the Underworld to the Italian Robin hood – where there is nature, there is a story waiting to be told.

So put on your hiking boots and your backpack – nature is calling!

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If you have any questions about our hiking and trekking experiences, if you’re looking for a private guided tour, or team building events in Italy, you can get in touch here.

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