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15 Years Later – A transformational outdoor adventure – Part 3

In this mini-series of blog posts, I revisit my translated travel notes from 15 years ago, when I quit my job in Munich to start a new life. If you missed the first post, you can find it here.


January 6th, 2008 – 6.31pm I am currently in Switzerland and have showered properly, after finding a fairly cheap hostel (by Swiss standards) for 33 francs/night, located directly in the center of the old town! The conversion rate is still a bit confusing but not at all difficult, even if the money first looked like play money. But it’s all a matter of getting used to, even the euro didn’t look any better at first (at least the cent pieces and the bills). I have done the most important thing: exchanged money, eaten, looked at the city, and will probably go out before I can finally sleep properly! Tomorrow morning, my laundry should be freshly washed and waiting for me (for 10 francs including drying), and then I have time to comfortably conquer the city until about 7 pm. Next goal: Barcelona! Travel time is probably over 14 hours… stay tuned!
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15 Years Later – A transformational outdoor adventure – Part 3 6

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