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We aren’t taking enough adventures.

Some of us are stuck in our own mental prisons. Old habits are hard to shake off: drinking a bit too much alcohol, staying for a bit too long in our comfort zone. A death spiral leading nowhere.
But listen to your inner voice: "You need an adventure!"

It doesn’t take much. Sometimes all you need is to step outside the door. Put on those running shoes at 6am in the morning. Try to learn one new thing for 5 minutes. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it. Eventually, you really can.

Every day is a chance to change yourself. Not just once a year, where expectations are high and dreams fall short.

It’s a struggle. It’s not easy. I struggle myself every day. Sometimes I fall and fail, crash and burn. Some days will come easy. Others will be so tough that you want to give up.

But welcoming the struggle, just showing up, trying to do your best, is part of the adventure.

A good, first step is to check out which National and Regional Parks actually exist in Italy, which you can do on this website with my free Park Locator (click here)
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year everyone!

Stay safe wherever you are.

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