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🏙 Urban Hikes (Every Monday – Thursday)

Discover Villa Doria Pamphili Parks’ “wild side” – in an adventure that leads through nature and history!

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Hike back in time in the Park of the Aqueducts and experience an Urban hike unlike any other in the world!

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An epic Urban hike in the protected Caffarella park. Discover our ancestors’ sacred secrets.

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This hike follows the magical and ancient Tiber River in Rome with spectacular views, history, and nature!

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Urban hike – with a local expert guide – on a 9km journey following the secret route of the Aniene river in Rome.

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🌳❤️ Forest Fridays (Every Friday)

Hike the peaceful UNESCO forest close to Rome and visit the magical “beech forest”, among 500-year-old trees, fresh air, silence, and unspoiled nature.
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Hike in the. majestic Macchia Grande Oak forest that was consecrated by the Etruscans to the god of the underworld Manth and see the once sacred sulfur spring. ➡️ Learn more

⛰🥾 Wilderness Weekend (On selected Saturdays / Sundays)

A historic hike along the legendary Appian Way!

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Discover the secrets around the two volcanic lakes Albano and Nemi, and the secret woods of the Italian Robin Hood.

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Coming soon: A time travel back into Etruscan civilization, with a forest filled of myths, tombs (including the legendary Queen’s Tomb) and much more!

Coming soon: Starting from Massa d’Albe, a state prison during Roman times, starts an epic ascent in a beautiful setting.

For experts.

Coming soon: A forest filled with surprises, alongside a small convent built by the Capuchins in 1538.

Starts from Viterbo Train Station.

Coming soon: Considered one of the most beautiful canyons in Italy, there is a lot to discover on this hike: waterfalls, secret Roman streets and bear country.

Coming soon: A classic feel-good hike through nature, with beautiful views, forest, small mountains and great vibes.

Coming soon: A fascinating hike in an authentic, remote area inhabited by wild animals, beautiful forests and mountains.

🥾🏕 Treks and multi-day adventures (on selected times of the year)

Coming soon: An epic adventure following the wolves’ path from Tivoli to Civitella Alfedena.

1 to 14 days.

Coming soon: The ultimate history trek from the Appian Way to medieval towns within Natural Park.

1 – 25 days.

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