Forest Hikes

Breathe fresh air, take in the sounds, smells and positive energy surrounded by ancient trees, wildlife and beautiful trails on our Forest Fridays ans special Forest Outdoor Adventures.


🥾 9km · ⏱ 3,5h · 25€

Into the Forest:

Hike the peaceful UNESCO forest in Oriolo – with an expert guide – and visit the magical “beech forest”, among 150-year-old trees, fresh air, silence, and unspoiled nature.

Experience this beautiful forest hike, just 50 minutes away from Rome! Breathe the fresh air, and take in the pleasant fresh smells of the woods that come to life. On some days, the fog gives it a mystical feeling. This ancient forest is protected by Unesco for its global ecological value, as it has not undergone changes in many centuries.

🥾 11km · ⏱ 4,5h · 25€

Enter the Underworld of Etruscan God Manth:

Hike in the Macchia Grande forest – with an expert guide – and experience the majestic Oak forest, as we make our way to a field with bubbling springs stemming from volcanic activity.

Hike in the Macchia Grande Oak forest that was consecrated by the Etruscans to the god of the underworld Manth.

As we enter this place sacred by Etruscans, probably due to the gloomy and impenetrable appearance of the forest and the widespread presence of sulfurous water springs in an area, we’ll make our way to a special, sulfurous spring area – used by Romans for sacred rituals – and defined by the European Commission Habitats Directive as a “Site of Community Importance”.

A small path leading through a forest

🥾 13km · ⏱ 4,5h · 15€

The King’s Hike:

An outdoor adventure discovering the secrets around the two volcanic lakes Albano and Nemi

Experience an adventure ranging from volcanic crater lakes at the feet of the Pope’s residence, to lush forests, to secret terraces based on the myths of Scottish anthropologist James George Frazer, inspired by the rex Nemorensis, the king of Nemi.

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