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urban hike certificate

First Urban Hike

Participate in your first Guided Urban Hike to get this badge.

mountain hike certificate

First Rocky Trails

Participate in at least one rocky hike – mountains or valleys, to earn this badge!

snowtrails certificate

First Snow Trails

Participate in at least one snow hike – snowshoeing or hiking in a snowy environment, to earn this badge!

pilgrimage certificate

First Treks & Pilgrimage Routes

Participate in at least one longer trek or pilgrimage route – e.g. a part of the Via Francigena, to earn this badge!

flow states certificate

First Flow States

Participate in at least one flow state hike – rivers, lakes, sea, waterfalls, to earn this badge!

forests fairy tales certificate

First Forests & Fairy Tales

Participate in at least one forest & fairy tale hike – forests, or hikes with a special theme – to earn this badge!

nighttime adventures certificate

First Nocturnal Adventures

Participate in at least one nocturnal hike – hiking at night with a headlamp, to earn this badge!

globetrotter certificate

First Hikes Abroad (Globetrotting)

Participate in at least one hike outside of Italy – e.g. the Black Forest in Germany, to earn this badge!

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