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Organizing a hike

While outdoor events are a lot of fun, they also require professional preparation to make sure nothing is left to chance. Continue reading to learn how we plan and organize all our activities.

Quo vadis?

Every adventure

starts with a plan

Whether on a hike we already know well, or one that is completely new:
the terrain is studied on official, topographic maps to analyse, assess
and identify the safest, best official and inofficial trails, allowing
orienteering under every circumstance.

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Safety first

Good to know

Our certified guides take safety serious:

with special training in meteorology,
risk reduction and park knowledge, every factor is considered
before every hike.

On site, our guide’s orienteering skills ensure safe passage
even with fog or at night.

And even though we hope it will never be needed,
every guide is equipped with safety gear, radio transmitters
and certified training in basic life support.

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Once upon a time…

Facts, legends and myths

Every piece of land comes with its own history, stories, tales and lore.

A big part of our job is to dig in deep and unveal
hidden information from those lands.

The best information often isn’t found with search engines,
but in old libraries,  second hand books from the 17th century
or by talking to the oldest villagers in town.

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