Urban Hikes

Urban hikes are a great way to learn more about Rome and its surroundings, far away from tourist crowds yet right within the city.

Enjoy our 6 – 10 kilometre hikes and discover the authentic, green heart of Rome.


🥾 6km · ⏱ 3,5h · 15€

The Beautiful Breath:

Urban Hike in the Villa Doria Pamphili Park – with a local expert guide – visit the scenic “Belvedere Lake” and discover the Parks’ “wild side” – in an adventure that leads through nature and history!

Experience the scenic lake, aesthetic baroque fountains, the park’s flora and fauna and other must-sees in an urban hike that’s just a few steps away from the accessible Quattro Venti station.

🥾 9km · ⏱ 2,5h · 15€

The Great Beauty:

One of our best-sellers: Hike back in time in the Park of the Aqueducts – with a local expert guide – and discover how the interplay between humans and nature created one of the most significant hallmarks in civilization.

If you ever wondered what it felt like to hike through Rome 2000 years ago, then this Urban hike is for you! Start in the hip and trendy neighborhood Pigneto and follow an ancient aqueduct, which will lead us to the so-called “”Parco degli Acquedotti”” – an epic, ancient Roman park where you’ll experience a surreal mix of nature and several ancient aqueducts, and on days with good weather, a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Roman Aqueducts in the Parco degli Aquedotti

🥾 8km · ⏱ 3,5h · 15€

The Legend of Egeria:

Urban hike in the protected Caffarella park – with a local expert guide – visit the Sacred Wood, the Nymphaeum of Egeria, and other surprising and curious sites, surrounded by 78 species of birds and fauna.

Nature lovers and history buffs, this is for you! Discover the Sacred Wood, the Nymphaeum of Egeria, and much more! We’ll come across several interesting and sometimes hidden parts of this protected park, including a bird-watching station, water streams, and springs – definitely somethin you didn’t expect in the middle of a big city like Rome!

🥾 9km · ⏱ 4,5h · 15€

Rome’s Secret River:

Experience a special urban hike – with a local expert guide – on a longer journey that follows the Aniene river as it winds its way through Rome.

Keep your eye open for endemic European badger 🦦 and other animals, and join me on one of the longer Urban hikes in Rome:

Starting at the river bank, then making our way through partially Urban settings, until we end up in a big, hidden park right within the city, while always following the river Aniene as it winds its way through the city of Rome.

Starts close to the Conca d’Oro subway station, and finishes close to the Rebibbia subway station.

Roman Aqueducts in the Parco degli Aquedotti

🥾 10km · ⏱ 3,5h · 15€

The River of Kings:

Follow the magical and ancient Tiber river. Experience an important wildlife corridor – with a local expert guide – with spectacular views, surrounded by history and nature, right in the center of Rome!

Explore the urban wilderness and the important wildlife corridor along the Tiber river. Experience legends and stories surrounding this important Italian river, interesting plant and animal species, from fish, amphibians, and reptiles to bigger mammals (e.g. great cormorant and egrets), surrounded by epic views of ancient Rome. End the hike on a hight note, with the beautiful Villa Borghese Park, a nature and history hotspot in its own right.

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